SOL Design Collective: Sponsor of Artists Open Houses

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SOL Design Collective is proud to announce that we are the sponsor for this May’s Artists Open Houses (AOH) festival.

Twice a year around 200 artists and makers across Brighton & Hove open their homes and studios to the public as part of the festival. This summer the AOH festival will run 5 – 27 May.

What to expect from AOH

AOH gives the people in Brighton and Hove a unique opportunity to explore art work in the home or studio of the person who made it.

Seeing work in this context, allows people to experience the space that supports an artist or maker’s creativity. This develops a deeper connection between the artist or maker and their audience.

Not only is this connection emotionally rewarding for the artist or maker and their visitors, it is also conducive to selling more art. In May 2017, approximately one million pounds worth of art was sold at the festival.

Reaching a wider audience

Each year the festival grows, and is a huge draw for local and non-local art fans alike. In May 2017 the festival attracted over 200,000 visitors. Of these, 60 percent were from Brighton and Hove and 15 percent were from the surrounding area.

Increasingly the reach of AOH is extending beyond Brighton. The festival has a growing national and international audience. In May 2017, 25 percent of visitors were from elsewhere in the UK and roughly 10 percent travelled to the festival from overseas.

Exhibiting as part of the AOH festival enables artists and makers to reach a much wider audience than through standard exhibitions.

Artists at 3 Fiveways by Martina Bellotto

AOH allows you to reach a wider audience. Photo: Artists at 3 Fiveways by Martina Bellotto.

Making art accessible

Visitors can expect to be inspired by a diverse range of art, including:

  •      jewellery
  •      ceramics
  •      textiles
  •      paintings
  •      sculpture
  •      printmaking
  •      photography
  •      other mixed media

Central to the ethos of the festival is that art should be easy to access. For this reason, the festival is completely free to attend.

There is a strong focus on quality and value for money in the work that is displayed.

Emily Boo and Friends at 44 Fiveways by Martina Bellotto

AOH makes a wide range of art more accessible. Photo: Emily Boo and Friends at 44 Fiveways by Martina Bellotto.

Creative collaboration

Creative collaboration is at the heart of the continued success and popularity of the AOH festival.

Artists and makers work together to create an art trail that spans around 200 home and studio galleries. Each time the trail is slightly different, allowing residents to discover new artists and immerse themselves in new work.

Here at SOL Design Collective, we believe that collaboration is key to the commercial success of creative businesses.

By collaborating with those who share your aims, you can showcase your work in the right context. Doing so allows you to nurture the relationship you have with your existing customers and appeal to new ones.

This type of niche exposure provides an ideal opportunity to showcase work, obtain commissions, and sell pieces.

Supporting commercial success

The audience artists and makers can reach by being a part of AOH is a super engaged one.

As we’ve already touched on, seeing work in the creator’s own space allows potential customers to form a much deeper connection with the work. This increases the likelihood they’ll make a purchase.

Upfunt House Fiveways by Martina Bellotto

The AOH audience is an engaged one. Photo: Upfunt House Fiveways by Martina Bellotto

A word from our founder

SOL Design Collective’s founder, Jan Burgess, is over the moon to be supporting AOH this May. She had this to say:

“AOH really captures the spirit of collaboration that is central to our philosophy here at SOL Design Collective. We are so proud to be supporting the event this year. As a long-term resident of Brighton, it has always been a highlight in my personal calendar.”

Jan has supported the commercial success of her clients for over 25 years. She has been a trusted consultant to companies of all scales; from small businesses in fashion, art, and design, to multinational operations. This has given her insight into what makes a business grow.

Through SOL Design Collective, Jan uses her commercial insight to pinpoint areas that need adjusting to help a creative business grow. The adjustments needed are often very minor but the difference making them can bring is huge. Helping artists, makers, and creatives thrive gives Jan enormous satisfaction.

Artists Open Houses

SOL Design Collective and Artists Open Houses share an ethos of collaboration.

Getting involved

Joining SOL Design Collective gives you access to a range of project management and business services to support your commercial success. Find out more and join here.Artists Open Houses Official Sponsor

Supporting artists and makers to build a thriving creative practice.