Increase Your Visibility as an Artist to Sell Your ART

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Being good at what you do is not enough.

Being “discovered” as the next big name in the art world is a wonderful concept, but it rarely happens.

Sadly it is not enough to create amazing work. It is a painful truth that many brilliant artists remain unknown, their work unshown, unrecognised and unsold. 

If you want to improve your sales, then marketing your artwork is vital. But how do you do this in a way that still gives you time to produce new work, whilst still being true to the real you? 

I have some tips to help you to stand in your power and be the artist you deserve to be.

Having worked with hundreds of artists to improve their marketing and sales, there is one thing of which I am certain.  The only route to success is to increase your visibility, stand strong in what you do and be as widely and consistently seen as possible.  

Consider ways to increase your visibility

The first part to getting noticed means being clear about what you want…. Think about the end game – where are you heading?… what are your going to deliver and to whom?

Once clear on this, it helps to frame a clear message; one that you feel confident and comfortable speaking and sharing. 

Focus on 3 areas: 

  1. Who you are: this covers what you do, why you do it and where can you be found.
  2. What you are working on – your current projects, their purpose, and how it serves your audience.
  3. What you have accomplished – Your past accolades, experience, passions, successes that relate to your work and have brought you to where you are today.

Think of this as a mini BIO…. But keep it short, keep it tight and keep it positive without hesitation.

Consider your work and how to bring it clearly into the awareness of your interested audience.

This will happen when you are completely confident about your work.

Here are some tips on helping you to take pride and ownership of what you bring.

  1. Title and label ALL of your work – do not be afraid, be clear.  (Dimension, media, framing, PRICE, availability, shipping)
  2. Ensure photographs are centred, clear (non-reflective) and well lit  – (By all means have some in-situ photos too – but its important to show your work in detail to those interested.)
  3. Share the images across multiple platforms associated with you and other ARTIST/ INTERIOR /LIFESTYLE type sites.
  4. Do not be shy – post your work with pride: If others are critical, it is their issue – stay true to yourself and don’t be hindered by what others may or may not think!

Finally, use technology to deliver your message.

Get used to the pros and cons of algorithms and recognise them for what they are. Algorithms are the tech industry’s way of sorting, sifting, filtering and prioritising content…. The platforms will do all of this as ultimately it is trying to deliver the right information to the right people – paid and unpaid.  Paying for sponsored content can help you fast track your visibility as it moves you up the “direct delivery” propriety list, but there is a lot you can do to ensure you “optimise” the use of algorithms as we know them. Although, a fair warning, they are so top secret that no-one will crack this entirely!

Hot tips to help deliver your message efficiently:

  1. Post across multiple platforms. Search engines can better verify you as who you are – use the same images, username, email accounts, etc. so that there is no denying that you are building a single profile. Inconsistencies dilute your message.
  2. Set up “business” accounts so that your message is not lessened with your personal /family posts (it is harder to get the algorithms to share personal posts widely, due to privacy concerns)
  3. Post regularly so that the algorithms know you exist and are active – they will be reluctant to share information from a seemingly “dormant” account. 
  4. Get tagged/ linked/ liked across other accounts of a related nature – being shared across other people’s accounts provides further verification to the algorithms that you are who you say you are – it gives you “algorithm credibility” 😊

At SOL Design Collective, we provide an additional way to increase your visibility through our Online Gallery and support your marketing with our Transformational Coaching Programmes.

  1. Our online gallery is a low cost opportunity for you to share images of your work on an recognised and award-winning Artist Community platform.
  2. Each artist can showcase up to 20 images of their work and update, amend, narrate, and assign links to each image taking the user direct to an online shop to attract the algorithms.
  3. The Online Gallery Showcase enables you to LINK to your social media  accounts, your website and your online shops in order for you to provide precious external links from our platform to ours. Algorithms love this as it confirms you are who you are and do what you do!
  4. Share to our Pinterest boards – we will share images to our Pinterest boards which get 10’s of thousands of visitors each month – again this enables a vital link in boosting your online presence and increasing your visibility on the world stage.
  5. Share to our Social Media accounts – we regularly highlight and feature our Gallery Artist Members within our own social media accounts providing more opportunity to be seen, be visible and have your narrative heard within our extensive nationwide artist community.

Why not join our ONLINE GALLERY NOW for just £20.00 per month, and increase your visibility today.


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