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Exploring the Power of the Feminine is key for Alex Florschutz, a practicing Artist, Author and Curator with an MA in Art Psychotherapy. She has exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad, curating many personal and community exhibitions around this theme. She is an inspiring workshop facilitator, founder of Zero2 Expo;  Birthing a Better Future Art & Science Exhibition Project: and author of The Art Of Birth – Empower Yourself For Conception, Pregnancy & Birth.  We caught up to talk to Alex about her art;  her use of bold imagery and strong, beautiful colours and how her creative practice sits within her other roles.

We asked Alex what inspired her to start creating.

“I have been creating since I was two years old. According to my mother, I wouldn’t settle down after returning from playgroup until I’d drawn at least 10 pictures! Only then I could rest – it’s a fundamental need. I’ve been creating on and off for 50 years! Yikes 😉”.

Red Lotus – a symbol of purity, innocence and sensuality – Oil on Canvas W60xH80

Alex’s Style

“I’ve been through many styles over the years. They’ve all reflected my inner landscape, soul mood rather than representing the outer world. The birth of my son was the most empowering experience of my life and I finally understood the powerful potential of the Feminine. However, post-divorce with a newborn child, I struggled to maintain this dynamic capacity as I navigated being mother, provider, artist and Goddess! Which gesture is mine? The dynamic energy of the masculine to “get things done” was my driving force which only left me feeling tired, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. This inspired me to explore the Feminine and it’s relevance in our patriarchal world. The Feminine gesture transcends gender fluidity and contains attributes we can all embrace, however we identify. I discovered the compelling necessity of infusing all I do with pleasure and celebrating my self in all ways.

Personally, painting is like a meditation. Once I get into the ‘zone’, it’s as if time stands still, like I’m floating down a river. The energy flows, and I allow the process to take me on an intuitive journey. This results in spontaneous and deliberate acts of creation through colour and form. It transcends the intellect and I paint from the heart. My paintings allow you to use your own imagination – you’re left free to roam the corridors of your soul, and see the reflection you need. This will exercise your right brain, and can be very healing! My paintings are designed to inspire, uplift and tip you into your full, pleasure-filled power.”

Rise Of The Divine Feminine. “Channel the divine feminine, a symbol of empowerment” – Acrylic on canvas.

“My favourite piece of work is called Rise Of The Divine Feminine. It represents the power of the feminine which we can all embrace, however we identify.”


We were curious to hear Alex’ viewpoint on keeping creative, and what her motivations are.

“Bali! I love being in warm, sunny, light places where I’m surrounded by lots of creativity and have a sense of freedom. Bali puts me in the zone! Other things include: an absence of financial constraints, more time and a free schedule where stress is no longer lurking in the shadows. Music, love, sex, nature and having space to dream! In terms of the environment that I work best in, I like hot, light and sunny places where I can be outside on a veranda in a sarong, pair of shorts or a bikini and not cooped up in a cold studio on a wet, grey English day!”

Running a creative business.

“I like doing what I want! Art gives me ultimate freedom because no one can argue with my creation. They might not like it but people don’t have the right to say what you create is wrong. It’s our fundamental birth right to be creative! Art is unique to each person, who are we to judge?! I wish more people would just create art and not worry about it “not being good enough”!”

We then spoke to Alex about how she market’s her creative practice, and how she first heard about SOL Design Collective.

“I have a website,, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and an email list. I do physical exhibition, and I am on SOL Design Collective’s Online Gallery. I’m also on print on demand sites for prints and products such as FineArt America, Society6 and Redbubble…”

Divine Source – Fire

“I first heard about SOL Design Collective when I participated in Brighton Festival Open Houses in 2019 and you popped up in my inbox. I decided to take a closer look and realised you were a really cool, authentic company. I then discovered, to my delight, that you do all sorts of amazing things such as Creative Coffee Mornings (really helpful training on aspects of running your art business), one week ‘challenges’ (a more in-depth approach), individual coaching courses and an Online Gallery!”

Alex went on to talk about the biggest challenge in her career, and how she overcame this.

“The biggest challenge for creative people, including myself, is to have the time and space to create without the constant worry of having to pay the rent, bills, food, materials etc. or having children. Being able to develop our creative business and niche, find the right buyers and actually make the art or craft, takes time, and often has no financial gain. I’ve persevered over the years, as being an artist is really important to me. It’s my life force, the air I breathe and my deepest passion. I have finally carved a passive income stream while I develop the next phase of my creative practice – woohoo!”

Alex also shared some advice that she would give to an artist starting to establish their creative practice.

“Decide on what your values are in life… What is really important to you? For me it was being the best mother I could be, and maintaining my creative practice. It was really tough, but I mostly found a way. Learn the basic tenets of marketing, e.g. what are you offering and who are you offering it too? Get out there – make a website, Instagram, and maybe a Facebook page. Join the SOL Design Collective Online Gallery, have exhibitions, put your work up in cafe’s or anywhere that is suitable – do everything. Have fun and enjoy it. Work with Jan to help you position yourself in the right way.”

We asked Alex, “What are the next steps for your creative practice?”

“Next for me is a new revamped website, a move to Bali and to inspire the world!

If you would like to see more of Alex’s work, you can do so hereWe would like to thank Alex for sharing her insight, and wish her continued success with her work. 

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