Izzi Clarke

Fine Art

Ashley Hyland

Fine Art

Michelle Cobbin

Fine Art Painting

Julia Brown

Cards Mixed Media Textiles

Creative Florence

Mixed Media

Clare Buckle

Fine Art Painting Screen Print

Sarah Ketelaars

Fine Art Mixed Media Photography

Lauren Nickless

Cards Fine Art Illustration Painting Screen Print

Steve Gallagher


Judith Johnston

Glass Jewellery

Alex Florschutz

Accessories Cards Fine Art Mixed Media

We are keen to ensure accurate and appropriate art is showcased. The work displayed is uploaded by the artist on the understanding that it is an original piece and they have full rights to the image. SOL Design Collective has the right to remove or suspend an item which does not comply with our Gallery Terms and Conditions. Please contact us if there are any posts with which you have a cause for concern.

We invite our artist and maker community to showcase their work in celebration of their creative talent. Artists and makers can upload images of their current work via this, our online portal and share links to their own website and social accounts.