Previous participants have had lots of positive things to say:

“This has provided support, in so many ways, from unifying my identity, new products, and technical help, especially in the creation of my new digitally printed fabrics, which is very exciting, broadening my horizons. Feeling a bit like a fern, unfurling into the world, up to the light, expanding, being seen. Thank You!”

– Hilary Casey – Textile Designer and maker

“The training sessions with Jan @ SOL Design Collective have been invaluable!  By focusing on key aspects of my business, the workshop provided an opportunity to review my current situation, and helped me create a clear vision. This was really useful. This has helped me with all aspects of my business”

Barbara Collins – Ceramicist

Unless stated, all events are held


Platf9rm, Tower Point, North Street Brighton, BN1 1YR

Monday Meetups

Our Monday Meetups are an opportunity to meet with like-minded creatives who are keen to make their businesses more creative

£15 per ticket: Ticket includes a plus one so bring a first-time friend for free

Monday Meetup: Creative Energies Soundscape: Monday 9th September // Monday 14th October // Monday 11th November (7pm – 9pm)

This Autumn we are running this gentle soundscape every month – in which to relax and centre your creative energies every month

We invite you to come, gather and relax in the soothing sounds generated from alchemy crystal bowls together with a guided meditation. The intention of this session, is to relax, prepare and centre your inner energies for the Autumn season. I will create and hold a simple soundscape in which you will have an opportunity to connect for the benefit and support of your creative self.

As Summer draws to a close, I always have a sense of anticipation and excitement for Autumn; I love the newness off every season, and for me Autumn brings riches with harvest and fruits and the gentle waning light of summer fading into Autumn golds.

It can be a time of reflection and preparation for the forthcoming festivities and celebrations of Christmas. It is therefore a wonderful opportunity to hold space and offer this opportunity to give yourself a relaxing gift of sound.

The alchemy crystal bowls, generate a pure and clean sound and vibration, which resonates within the space of the room, our bodies, our cells at a finite level to relax and rejuvenate. The sound allows us to go into a deep state of relaxation easily, and this healing and transformative state enable the body to relax at a level perfect for your needs.

No two sound baths are ever the same.

No two experiences will be the same.

It will be a time for reflection, gentle focus and vision.

We have both seated and laying down space but please arrive early to ensure you get your preference as space is limited. Please bring a bottle of water, a small blanket or shawl and /or pillow to make yourself comfortable as you see fit.

(Please bring a yoga mat if you would like to lay down).

We are running this workshop every month: Monday 9th September Monday September // Monday 14 October //  Monday 11 November (7pm – 9pm) Platf9m, North Road, Brighton.

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9 September

14 October


thursday surgeries

Our Thursday Surgeries provide more knowledge on the businesses side of your creative practise

£15 per ticket: 

Thursday Surgery – Planning: Thursday 19th September (7pm – 9pm): 

Every journey has a beginning, a middle and an end! All businesses benefit from a little bit of structure against which ideas, jobs or projects can progress.

Without a broad plan your ideas can be like a boat adrift on the ocean, and time can speed by without you having helped it happen.

Do you ever experience a sense of panic or anxiety around your looming deadlines? Do you feel you procrastinate or is your creative think time truly productive?

We are a fan of a plan! Not the sort that is completely rigid, or inflexible, but definitely one against which we can monitor positive steps and assess and analyse lessons learnt.

This Thursday Surgery is designed to help you consider some simple techniques in improving your effectiveness and efficiency in making things happen in a proactive rather than reactive way. We provide an opportunity to share and discuss what works and what you struggle with. We provide some top tips and recommendations that can help you focus and prioritise your to do list so that you can genuinely make your ideas a reality.

Thursday 19th September (7pm – 9pm). Platf9m, North Road, Brighton.

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Thursday Surgery – Let’s get socially savvy: Thursday 3rd October (7pm – 9pm)

A repeat of our ever popular review and top tip workshop which helps you to make informed decisions on the use of Social Media as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy and how to optimise your exposure on-line without it taking over your life. This workshop is aimed at those who are looking to improve their Instagram /Facebook and Twitter audiences.

Thursday 3rd October (7pm – 9pm). Platf9m, North Road, Brighton.

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Thursday Surgery: Pricing: A comfort blanket to help you PRICE your work: Thursday 24th October (7pm – 9pm)

Do you have niggles of doubt around pricing your work? Do you worry whether your prices are too high, or too low? Do you feel the income you generate represents value for your time? Simply, can you afford to be an artist?

In this popular Thursday Surgery, we talk about the basic principles around pricing, value and worth.

We understand it can be a difficult arena to tackle for artists, creatives and makers of hand-made goods. This is a sensitive and emotive subject, so this session breaks down some fundamentals about pricing and aims to dispel commonly held misunderstandings. We provide you with a basis on which you are able to review and assess your pricing decisions.

If you are ready to remove the guess work, and are ready to get comfortable and cosy with costs, margins, and percentages, then reserve your seat around the table, and come and chat numbers in preparation for the forthcoming selling season!

You will leave with a better understanding of what to charge and why; a workbook and examples of how to identify your own cost elements, a breakdown of cost and price types and pricing models to get you ready and confident with your price points.

This two hour session is a must if you are ready to value what you do, and build greater resilience in your practice.

Thursday 24th October (7pm – 9pm). Platf9m, North Road, Brighton.

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What’s sort of questions can we answer?


We’ll help you find the answers:

Which is the best social platform for my work?

Am I saying enough?

Are my photos ok?

How do I know if my posts are being seen?

How do I stop Social Media controlling my life?



It’s  fast, fun, and informative.



Book now as places are limited to ensure adequate time for participant sharing and discussion.