Art Explored: What is the true definition of art?

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Defining an expression of creativity, skill and imagination is extremely hard to do. A word which was once used to describe paintings, drawings and sculptures can now be used to represent a wide variety of creative expression. Art is not something which can easily be characterised anymore, and “artists” and “creators” come in all forms, too.

As “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,  the face of art changes to accommodate the view of society, and can often be a reflection of that. We think Greek philosopher Plato’s comment that “Art is an imitation of nature”  reflects his love of body image as well as landscape, however in today’s society, we have access to many more mediums of art that capture and reflect so much more.

Is art therefore more personal or more disposable?

With the introduction of photography as a means of capturing nature and society, and social media to capture everything in life, we have the mechanism to share “art” immediately.

Is this then art or communication?

The evolution of abstract art in the 20th century made defining art even more complex

‘Filling a space in a beautiful way. That’s what art means to me.’ – Painter, Georgia O’Keeffe (1887–1986), –  Art News (December 1977)

In a world where critics often argue that anything can be classified as art, how do differentiate artists from non-artists?

One of the most intellectual answers to this very question came from Jacques-Louis David way back in the 1700’s, suggesting that perhaps things weren’t so different back then.

Another infamous quote, which is often up for debate as to whether it was truthfully recorded or not, is from Picasso:
‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’.

Whether he said it or not, it opens an interesting discussion: Does art have to be unique or revolutionary?

We think it is much more flexible than that?  We are not attempting to define art with words really, in case it diminishes its intangible and indescribable aspects? For us Art evokes feelings and emotions that aren’t always necessary  to put into words.

At SOL Design Collective, we celebrate the fact that  Art has no boundaries, and can be created and shown on anything, from paper to canvas, glass to walls, clothing to skin. The ways in which art both reflects and influences culture are immeasurable, and it is our intention to help artists to get their work seen, celebrated and enjoyed !

When creating your art, what processes do you use? Do you think about iconic work and use it to influence your new pieces? Do you take into account current themes in our culture and aim to express them in your work? Or do you think outside the box and, in-turn, come up with something which you hope will set a new trend, or change and add to the current art culture or even impact and influence the wider culture?

Please share your views below – we want to hear from you!!

If you’re looking for support with getting your art seen, get in touch. At SOL Design Collective, we are dedicated to your success. A world without art is not one we ever want to imagine, so talk to us. Let’s see how we can help you.

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