Art Explored: Our favourite local Instagram accounts this July

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Instagram is an ever growing platform. Current figures indicate that there are 700 million active users sharing pictures of their lives. The features within Instagram allow you to search and filter through content using links, hashtags and location.

We love Instagram, as its a great way for us to support artists and celebrate their work.

One of our favourite pastimes is to hunt out amazing work of local artists and show them support by following their pages? In the spirit of the SOL Design Collective, we thought we’d share some of our favourites with you!

These are just a few amazing Sussex  artists to watch, we hope you enjoy!

If you love their Instagram accounts, show your support and give them a follow, in that way you can keep updated with their new work and inspirations.

Dion Salvador Lloyd

Medium: Oil Painting

Themes: Atmosphere, Travel and Dream

Instagram: dion_salvador_lloyd

Dion shares his beautiful oil paints on his Instagram account. The pictures of landscapes are full of atmosphere and emotion. His techniques involve use of layering and different tones to create mystery.



Minty Street Art

Medium: Paste Up Street Art

Themes: Popular Culture

Instagram: mintystreetart

The elusive street artist who goes by the name ‘Minty’ has got the whole of Brighton wondering who he is. His fun, colourful paste ups can be seen all over the city and their quirky nature will be sure to make you take a second glance. Follow his Instagram for little snippets of him putting his art up and to be in with a chance of finding one of his presents which he leaves for people in secret Brighton locations. He puts the directions up on his account at random times and whoever is first to get there can keep one of his pieces.

Jamie Burbidge

Medium: Tattoo Artist

Themes: Nature

Instagram: Jamie__b

Jamie Burbidge is a black and white tattoo artist who works at The Blackhouse studio in Brighton. His intrinsically detailed work is absolutely capturing. Definitely worth a follow.



Emma Stanton

Medium: Jewellery

Themes: Nature, Metal and Upcycling

Instagram: emmastantonjewellery

Emma Stanton is a jewellery maker based in Brighton and Hove. Her pieces are unique and stunning.She works in silver and  gold, mixed with crystals and semi-precious stones.  Emma caters to every taste. We especially love her moon shaped necklaces in brushed matt silver- it must be a SOLar system thing, very apt for SOLstice celebrations – just like us SOL – ha ha !



Angela Evans Ceramic Tiles

Medium: Handmade ceramic tiles

Themes: Landscape and the environment

Instagram: angela_evans_ceramic_tiles

Angela Evans is a ceramic tile maker and an extremely talented one at that. Each tile is handmade and unique. Her collections are each so different, from patterns of leaf stems to bright, painted shapes and prints, they are memorising.



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