Creative Florence

Creating vibrant playful mixed media images that bring a smile.

Flo Woolgar Barrington is a Brighton based designer, illustrator, and artist. She loves any media that involves getting fully emersed and messy, so working with paint, paper and ink is perfect!

As Creative Florence, she creates joyful vibrant images that reflect important and positive messages that are close to her heart. She is the author of 2 children’s picture books, Messages from the Sea, and Inky Animals, through which her words and colourful images communicate simple, powerful environmental messages to young children and adults alike. Her words and images are designed to support those with dyslexia by using dyslexia “suitable” fonts.

Both books promote a strong message of kindness to both our planet and the creatures that inhabit it, in a fun and educational way. ‘Messages From The Sea’ is an illustrated book narrated by a Turtle who journeys around the sea, meeting sea animals from A-Z. It is a simple story which reinforces a positive message around making changes to help ease pollution in our seas.

‘Inky Animals’ is a 32-page, limited edition illustrated A-Z book for children, to help promote the importance of kindness towards the Earth’s animals. It introduces animals from around the world and educates on simple changes in our own behaviour that can help protect the environment and the animal’s homes.

Flo’s illustrations are bright, bold, and spectacular, creating a unique and exciting experience which both educates and brings a smile to the viewer. Flo also produces bright and exuberant prints of animals, ranging from intricate puffin prints to funky giraffes. Her bubbly and unique style produces quirky artwork that bring a sense of fun to any space.
Enjoy her showcase.

Inky Animals Children's Alphabet Picture Book

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Onward Journey - Illustration from Messages from the Sea Picture Book

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Amazon Leopard Giclée Art Print

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Alan the Alpaca

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Voyager Upon Life Sea - Personal project. In memory of a dear friend

Sea swimmers. Created completely in tissue paper

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Panther in the Amazon

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Mrs Bee. We all need wings to fly, every if they are virtual or just in our minds. I created a range of wings inspired by animals with wings

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