Ashley Hyland

Landscape Artist

My earliest memories take me to still moments - watching ants in a line, collecting tree leaves in Autumn and Spring, standing on a mountain in awe of the deepening view, listening to water from a swinging hammock.

Growing up in the United States of America took me to beautiful places and winning an art scholarship there took me to study first in America, then England.

Settling in Sussex my painting story went full-circle: back to my childhood, settling myself and being in nature. I made a list of things to paint that I saw around me and influenced by Constable and Turner, I painted them all - sheep, stiles, sign-posts, snow, windmills, seascapes, boats.  I found my waypost... to symbols of place and home.

I have exhibited regularly across the UK for over 30 years, most recently with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Links to the BBC documentary about this exhibition can be found at

International exhibitions and awards include a Governor's Award and a gallery feature during Superbowl Weekend in the USA. My paintings are held  in private collections in England, Wales, Australia and the United States of America.

Sunshine Dreaming. Watercolour on acid free paper. approx. 12"x16" A3 30cm x 40cm. Sitting at the top of the hill in my mind...

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Patient Progress. Watercolour on 300 acid free paper. approx. 12"x16" A3 30cm x 40cm. Patiently watching the changes, being there to listen....

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