Kate Scott

Capturing strong flows of colour from nature

Kate lives and works in Brighton , she studied Fine Art painting at Polytechnic of East London, and then went on to attain a masters in Fine Art printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic.

Kate has shown widely in London, taking part in both mixed exhibitions, and her own one woman shows. She undertakes commissions, with much of her work being in private collections .

Since moving to Brighton, she has set up her studio at home, and shows regularly at the award winning Artists Open Houses Exhibition.

Originally working in oil on canvas, Kate also uses mixed water based media, on paper and more recently has been working in acrylic on canvas or board .

Kate works very organically being led by colour instinctively, using it with drawings
and marks to convey emotion, mood, responses to nature, and memory.
She is often inspired viscerally by music .

She says 'There is often a battle between recklessness and control, natural expression and artificial order; the resulting truce being a feeling of balance, as if the images have just come into being – depicting a world within themselves.'

Kate's current work explores the relationship between the space above the horizon, and the solidity of what exists beneath, both in actuality/ pictorially and metaphorically - the conscious and unconscious .

Kiwi Smokey Sky - 30 x 30 cm, Acrylic on board

Big Blue 70 x 70cm Acrylic on canvas

No Resistance 61 x 51cm Acrylic on canvas

Before India 50 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas

Lilac 50 x 50 cm Acrylic on board

KTWL 50 x 50 cm Acrylic on canvas

EarthFlare 20 x 20 cm Acrylic on board


Outdoor Pursuits 60 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas

Citric Fling

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