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SOL Design Collective is a growing community of nearly 1000 local (Greater Brighton) artists, makers and creatives. We provide events and workshops to help the creative community improve fundamental business skills to help them maintain a sustainable creative practice. We have an online showcase gallery in which they can upload their work and provide external links to their own website and social accounts. We market this externally to business and commercial contacts to provide exposure for their work.
We organise and promote local projects to connect artists with both the business community and the public to ensure the region’s creativity remains in focus for enjoyment, health and wellbeing. We support “buy local” and “we buy small” campaigns. Our mantra is that we will bring the world to their work!
We celebrate the important capabilities required for producing art; namely lateral thinking, risk taking and considered decision making, and recognise that these creative attributes enable an idea to become reality. We support artists by building connections within the community and by providing opportunities of learning from industry experts and peers. We encourage optimising digital platforms and provide support for the business side of their practice.
Our primary revenue will be from monthly subscriptions to the showcase gallery, which operates as a membership site. Events and workshops will provide a secondary revenue stream. Projects will be funded on an individual basis.
I am looking to grow the team to support these plans.

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